E & TC Engineering

As compared to the days of Great Emperor Ashoka,when messages used to be carried by riders on the horse back and take weeks to be delivered to the destination, communication has become almost instant now. This has been made possible by the innovations & dedication of past generations of Electronics and Communication Engineers. During last 50 years or so, research and its application in electronics field has changed the face of the world and revolutionalised all aspect of human living.

In the world of increasing unpredictability the role of communication engineers assumes a critical level of significance. An engineer is an enabler of change. ECE department of SGOI, COE, Belhe is fully geared to equip the budding Electronics & Communication Engineers with the ability to take society’s grand vision and literally make it work.

We as E & TC Family believe in serious academic pursuit and encourage radical and original thinking which paves the way for creativity and innovative ideas.

Prof.Nirmal S. Kothari
Asst. professor & HOD
SGOI, COE, Belhe, Pune

Sr.No. Name Designation Qualification Experience(years)
01 Prof. Deshmukh D.S. Asso.Professor&Academic Dean MTech&Ph.D() 20
02 Prof. Kothari N.R. HOD & Assistant Professor M.E.(Communication Engg.) 6
03 Prof.Mahajan P.S. Assistant Professor M.E.(Communication Engg.) 4
04 Prof. kulkarni A. D. Assistant Professor M.E.(Embedded System Design) 5
05 Prof.Polgavande A.S. Assistant Professor M.E.(VLSI & Embedded ) 4
06 Prof. Dumbre S. T. Assistant Professor M.E. 4
07 Prof.Kanade K.A. Assistant Professor M.E.(VLSI & Embedded) 5
08 Prof.Rohile S.R. Assistant Professor M.E.(VLSI & Embedded) 2
09 Prof.Kharde S.H. Assistant Professor M.E.(VLSI & Embedded) 3


Sr.No. Name Designation Qualification Experience(Years)
01 Mr. Tushar Kale N. Lab Assist. Diplooma E&TC 3
02 Mr. Salunke S.K. Peon H.S.C 3