Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering program involves a wide variety of fields such as Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Irrigation, Transportation & many more which helps us to realize no of dreams of the society. I am delighted to be part of such high potential field.

Technical education is the most potential instrument for any socio-economic development in a country. In the present world an engineer plays an important role in the global market. As a Head of Civil Engineering Department I have immense pleasure to say that there is lot of scope and never ending opportunities for Civil Engineering students in the present and future era. In the present era lot of opportunities are opening with more liberal work methods.

Civil Engineering develops the knowledge, creativity and management skills in a person, which are the main requirement for successful entrepreneur in both private and public sector.
Civil Engineering is one of the premium branches of SGOI, COE College of Engineering. A sustained growth with academic brilliance is seen in our department with highly supportive, academically distinctive and experienced faculty, disciplined students and service oriented supporting staff. In our department every care and effort is taken to provide quality education to the students, so that they are suitable for the current needs of Industry and society as a whole.

Apart from this we are involved in number of consultancy works which helps in educating the students regarding the concept and application of the Civil Engineering field. I extend my warm wishes to one and all, who are part of this wonderful journey.

Prof. Pravin C. Satpute. M.E (Structure)
Asst. professor & HOD
SGOI, COE, Belhe,Pune


Faculty :

Sr. No  Name of teaching Staff  Designation  Date of Joining  Qualification  Specialization  Total Experience in Years
01  Prof. SATPUTE P.C.  HOD & Assistant Professor  13/02/2012  DCE,BE,ME*  STRUCTURE 4
02  Prof.  KHATMODE N.P.  Assistant Professor  29/07/2013  BE, ME* CIVIL-ENVIRONMENTAL  3.8
03  PROF. KHOSE  M .K.  Assistant Professor  26/09/2012  BE, ME  STRUCTURE  5
04  PROF.PATIL S.D  Assistant Professor  8/07/2013  BE,ME*  STRUCTURE  4
05  PROF.MORALE A.V.  Assistant Professor  9/07/2013  BE, ME*  STRUCTURE  5
06  PROF.BHOR A.S.  Assistant Professor  BE,ME pursing  CONSTRUCTION MANEGMENT
07  Prof. NAVALE S.L.  Assistant Professor  16/07/2014  DCE, BE,ME*  STRUCTURE  1
08  Mr. TAJAVE S.J.  Lab Assistant  14/07/2014  B.A.  ENGLISH  0.5